May 2014 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Freedom Within Prison Project Educational Staff volunteers at The TRUTH Project Weekend Intensive in Oshkosh State Correctional Institution


On May 17 & 18, 2014 Freedom Within Prison Project Educational Staffer Jay Saber flew to Wisconsin and served as a volunteer staff member for The TRUTH Project's two-day intensive prison training inside Oshkosh State Correctional Institution (OSCI). During the weekend fifteen staff men worked with eighteen inmates on developing trust within a group circle format, and facilitated processes encompassing trust, diversity, restorative justice, non-violent communication, impact of actions, integrity, and limiting beliefs.

Inmates that participated in the training came away with a bigger awareness of self, a mission statement to guide them through their process, and a deeper understanding of the belief systems that led them to their path of incarceration.

Truth Weekend Intensives support prisoner re-entry by inviting men to take personal responsibility for their growth, by modeling openness and the lifestyle rooted in personal growth, emotional maturity, and self mastery, and by helping men to develop the skills to participate and inviting them to join men's support groups in the community.