January 2014 - Santa Cruz County Jail

Freedom Within Project begins working with Santa Cruz County Jail inmates

Freedom Within Prison Project Educational Staffers, Marc L'Ecluse, Malcolm Dydo, and Jay Saber are now facilitating an ongoing weekly program on Wednesday afternoons for a group of inmates inside Santa Cruz County Jail.

The transformational group meetings encompass personal development processes that aid the men in having awareness around their own behaviors, motivations, and intentions, to help them inside the jail when dealing with their own situations, and more importantly, to help them make better choices when they get out of jail. The processes and rounds within the group allow the men to develop trust, open-up in regard to where the behavior that led them to jail originated, and help them to make better choices for themselves and their families in the future.

FWPP inside Santa Cruz county Jail

FWP Educational Staff with inmates inside Santa Cruz County Jail