Freedom Within Prison Project Educational Staff


Malcolm Dydo is a Certified Massage Therapist and graduate of The American School of Herbalism. Malcolm has been practicing in the healing arts for seventeen years. In addition, Malcolm has been developing curriculum and leading men's personal growth workshop's and trainings for five years, throughout Northern California.

Malcolm was initiated into the Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure in 2007. Through this, and other personal growth experiences, Malcolm developed his vision to support healing, growth, and transformation within the incarcerated population.

Malcolm's commitment to service and leadership skills, as well as his thirst for fostering personal and collective transformation, fuel his dedication to The Freedom within Prison Project's work. Malcolm is steadfastly committed to helping men in prison transform their lives from the inside out.

Marc L'Ecluse is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and teacher. Marc had been working with developmentally disabled adults for nearly ten years when he heard his calling to be a psychotherapist. He has been practicing counseling for 10 years. Marc has been teaching public, private and graduate-level courses in the fields of psychology and self-help since 2005.

He was initiated into the ManKind Project during the New Warrior Training Adventure in August 2008. Through his participation in The Freedom Within Prison Project support group, Marc has been assisting inmates to take responsibility for their choices and find their purpose in life.

Through his study of transpersonal psychologies, spirituality, science and martial arts, Marc has cultivated a wise, open, and grounded presence that invites others to truly be themselves. He works with clients in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.


Lucas Roy Lehman is an international speaker and educator, a certified co-active coach, and author of the forthcoming book, Passion Ignited! 7 Principles of Personal Empowerment. He works with clients at his studio in Santa Cruz, and all over the world, via telephone and Skype.

After many years as a participant and leader of numerous men's groups, Lucas was initiated into the Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure in 2011, and was inspired to join with several of his ManKind Project New Warrior brothers to bring this powerful healing work to men in prison, where he is continually moved by the growth and transformation of the men inside.

Luke has been practicing yoga, meditation and martial arts for over 25 years, and has been a professional musician, performance artist, and songwriter for over 30 years. His direct and humorous style is captivating and disarming, and his powerful presence creates a solid container for men to do their deepest work.


Jay Saber is a building contractor, music producer, and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience building and operating a variety of small businesses.

Jay was initiated into the ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure in Spring 2005. The experience inspired his dedication to helping men transform their own lives through emotional literacy, conscious responsibility, and personal accountability.

Jay's commitment to service has allowed him to work with prisoners inside Folsom, Soledad, Salinas Valley State Prison, and the Santa Cruz County Jail. Jay is dedicated to raising men's awareness through non-violent communication.


Jim Urgo is a native New Yorker and came to California 40 years ago, starting and continuing to run his own business. Jim is also a commercial pilot.

Jim was initiated into the ManKind Project during the New Warrior Training Adventure in February 2007. He has facilitated men's support groups at Folsom, Soledad, and Salinas Valley prisons with the Inside Circle Foundation since 2008.

Jim's desire is to help facilitate and allow men to go deep and feel their feelings. Jim also recognizes the gifts the inside men give him and looks forward to the process.